Privacy Statement and take your privacy very seriously. We want to take a moment here to outline our procedures for ensuring your privacy remains private. runs on the software platform. In order to redeem your rewards you will need to register on that site. The majority of the privacy policy is outlined on that site. On this page we will outline the main details of that policy as well as any specific issues that arise for

Your Contact Information

In order to redeem your points for rewards in any participating business you must first register your card. This involves providing basic contact information such as name, address, email etc.

Sharing Your Information With Participating Businesses

The information you provide on is available to all businesses where you use your card. If you do not use the card in a business they will not be able to see any of your information or your purchase history in any other business.
Businesses where you use your card will be able to see your transaction history with them (and not in any other business). They can use this online or they can download the information for later use.

Sharing Your Information With non-Participating Businesses

We will not share your information with any business with which you do not use your card. We do reserve the right to provide aggregated patterns which will not personally identify you, for instance to say that x% of people in an area or of an age group use the card more regularly than others etc.

Deleting Your Information

You can delete your card at any time on If you do so your information and transaction history will no longer be available to the participating businesses with whom you originally shared it. They will be unable to download or access ti from our service. They may have already downloaded this before you cancelled your acount and if so the usage is governed by their own policies and terms.

Storage Location

Your information is stored in an advanced "cloud" infrastructure. This prevents the service collapsing if for instance one server has technical issues. As a result your information may be spread around different physical locations including the USA. Your use of the card is an acceptance of this situation and an authorisation to transfer this information between the servers.

Individual Business Policy

Each participating business may have their own policies and terms. It is up to you to check these before deciding to use your card in that business.

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