Consumer Questions is a unique development in helping communities to survive these recessionary times. We all know people who have emigrated due to lack of jobs. But small businesses in a community are the life-source of these jobs. Without them the community dies - most obviously when clubs cannot field teams. We aim to change this.

Now you can.

You get good value, the business gets a customer and the clubs and causes get funds. Everyone wins.

How does it work?

You collect a physical localrewards card from a local business and present it in any participating shop at the time of purchase. The business puts points on your card and when you have enough collected they give you a discount or other reward.

Can The Card Be Used In All Local Businesses?

No. Each business decides themselves if they want to take part. If your favourite business is not taking part then ask them if they would change their mind.

Can Points Earned In One Business Be Used In Another?

No. The single card is for convenience only. Each business still operates their own program and points earned in one will only be redeemable in that business.

Can My Card Be Used In Other Towns?

No. This is a local service intended to help communties keep jobs and spending local. Your card is specific to the town mentioned on it.

What Is is a central place for people to manage all their Reward Cards from businesses and groups throughout the country. Their infrastructure is what powers and it is on their site that you register your card and manage your points.

What Happens If I Lose My Card?

If you have not registered your card you may lose all points stored on it. However if you have registered the card you can go online and suspend the card. This will stop anyone redeeming the points. You can then pick up a replacement card from a participating business, transfer the points to it and continue as if nothing happened.

Why Do I Need To Register My Card?

In order to redeem your points for rewards in any participating business you must first register your card. This involves providing basic contact information such as name, address, email etc. The business can use this information to help improve their offering to you and bring you even greater benefits. We strongly recommend registering your card immediately as this will ensure your points are safe even if you lose it.

Can All Particpating Businesses See My Details?

No. The information you provide can only be seen by businesses where you use the card. You can use the card in your favourite businesses without any other business even knowing you have it.

What Happens To My Information?

This is stored securely on our cloud server and is only shared with the businesses where you use the card. See the privacy policy for further details.