Community Questions brings benefits to every member of a community. Businesses and residents alike benefit from thriving businesses. Local communities can find it hard to compete with large out-of-town centres. But without local independent businesses a town is not a community. As highlighted by David McWilliams recently there is a need for communities to ensure that as much business as possible is carried on locally. By doing so we can help ensure a vibrant and thriving place to live.

What Benefits Does Bring To A Community?

By encouraging residents to shop and do business locally our system of

Is There A 'Community Charge' For The Service?

No. We provide and distribute the cards. Participating businesses pay a small annual charge which is no higher than individual businesses do when using themselves. This covers the management and provision of the service itself. There is no charge to cardholders or to any community group.

Can Any Community Sign Up?

Pretty much. There is a set cost to us for purchasing cards and other material and this might mean that a really small community might not be feasible. However we are willing to talk to all communities and in occasional cases like these we might be able to come up with a solution.

Are You Planning On Coming To My Community?

Probably. We are currently in start-up mode and the initial roll-out will be a little slow and focused around Cork. However once we have the initial communities up and running we will be increasing our range and the speed with which we add towns.

How Can I Increase The Chances Of Coming To My Community?

Because we have expenses (cards, flyers etc.) with every town we have to consider in depth the likely uptake amongst businesses when compiling our list of next towns. If you already have a number of businesses who have agreed to take part this reduces our own risk and makes it more likely that we would launch in your community.

Can All Businesses In The Community Use The Card?

Yes. All businesses can benefit from a Reward Program and provides an advanced system with the flexibility to be used as an individual business wants. is unique in not only offering a true Loyalty Card for the town but also in allowing businesses that want to simply offer a discount to all holders to do so. This is the only solution that will allow such mixing of usage, allowing all businesses to participate - and providing an upgrade path for the future.

How Do I Get My Town Included?

Give us a call on 021-2349920 or drop an email to or complete this form and we'll get back to you...

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