Business Questions provides a way for you to receive something back from local businesses without changing anything you do. This one card provides you with a way to access the Reward Programs of many different businesses and control them from one central location.

How Will localrewards Reduce Pressure On My Margins? is a system hat helps you focus your reductions and rewards on your most regular customers. By offering them better deals you can encourage regular shopping while reducing the discount you need to offer the general public. The beenfits this brings your margins will depend on the way you implement the program. Here are some discussions about that subject reward programs and quick fixes and Rewards: Types and Methods

How Will Reduce My Other Expenses? helps reduce your general advertising and marketing costs.The reports that are available within the system will help you to identify trends amongst your customers that can help you focus your advertising euros more effectively. And because you have customers contact information you can use direct targeted marketing rather than blanket methods. These are both cheaper and more effective.

What Other Benefits Does Bring?

As a participant in you are seen as part of the community. This brings good will and encourages people to shop with you. This trend is reinforced by the fact that customers only need to carry one card to access the Reward Programs of all local businesses.

What Is is a central place for people to manage all their Reward Cards from businesses and groups throughout the country. Their infrastructure is what powers and it is through their website that you operate the system.

Do I See Every Cardholders Contact Details?

No. You can only see the details of cardholders who use the card in your premises. Those who choose only to use it in businesses other than yours will not be seen.

Can I See Shopping Trends In Other Businesses Or Can They See Trends In Mine?

Each business only has access to information about their own business. You cannot see any information about cardholders use in other businesses and they cannot see the any information about yours. This includes information about people who do not use the card in your premises and the usage patterns in other businesses of those who do use it in yours.

What Makes Different From Running My Own Reward Program?

localrewards is an initiative that provides a sophisticated ystem for managing a Reward Program. You can use it in the same way as s stamped card in a coffee shop or you can be far more complex and it provides valuable information on customer trends that can help save you money. Your customers are also more likely to make use of the card since they only have to carry one and can see all their transactions online - even going so far as freezing a stolen card and transferring its points to a replacement.
Because this is a community card you also get to tap into that local goodwill.

What Equipment Do I Need? uses the advanced interent infrastructure of This means that all you need to operate the system is a basic PC with internet connection. All actions take place through this. You can use a dedicated PC, share one, or use a netbook. You might also want to use a barcode scanner to enter data but this is not a requirement.

Do I Need To Backup Data and Manage Servers?

No. The advanced infrastructure we use means that all this is done for you. The data is stored on a "cloud" spread across multiple servers. The database is also backed up to anpother server twice daily and is archived on a weekly basis. This is one of the advantages of our system - you don't need to worry about the IT side of the business and can focus on the areas of your expertise.

How Do I Get My Town Included?

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