What is localrewards.ie?

localrewards.ie is an exciting new initiative to help communities keep jobs local and support voluntary organisations. Everyone is conscious that doing business locally is the key to a vibrant community. But doing so can be difficult. At the same time voluntary organisaions are suffering from reduced funding. localrewards.ie solves both issues by allowing business and customers work together.

Whenever someone does business with a localrewards.ie participating business they receive a voucher. By registering this voucher online they gain points and at the same time they automatically award points to the voluntary organisations account. Every 3 months these points are converted into cash. So not only does the customer gain cash back from all local businesses but they also help community services without having to put their hand in their pocket.

Vouchers are valid only for specific communities and because there is no IT requirement for businesses they can be operated by any type of business without changing their daily routine, managing equipment, or requiring extra training or commitment.

This unique model uses our platform to assure customers that the vouchers they receive are real and are contributing to both their own and the communties benefit. By taking part a business works with its neighbours to make their community a vibrant commercial and social place to be.

Some of the most common questions we have are linked below. If you think localrewards.ie would benefit your community and would like to discuss it with us then simply drop an email to info@localrewards.ie or give us a call on 021-2349920.

Consumer Questions

Where can you use your card? Why Register? Who sees information? What happens if I lose my card?
Business Questions

How does this work for a business? Do you need expensive equipment or training? What are the benefits? Why is this better than Discount Cards?
Community Questions

How does this work? What benefits does it bring a community or town? Who needs to manage it? Why does this work better than a Discount Card?